Suzii Chan Studio began from a love of fashion and style, and the desire to connect deeper beyond clothing with others.  is a multimedia, multidimensional creative being who believes in celebrating human and all of our humanness. Her love for creativity started around 5 years old when her maternal grandmother gifted her a hand sewn dress.  The idea of creating something with two hands made a forever imprint in her heart.  Through her work, she tries to capture emotion in each piece bringing what’s inside outward.  Her art has been a way to express her personal journey of self awareness, self worth, and self love.  Suzii shares her vision with the world in the hope of inspiring a deeper connection between the viewer and their own inner being.  Suzii makes arto encourage people to live deeply, love freely, to appreciate the wholeness of oneself and all that she is in this world.


Originally from Fuzhou, China. Suzii and her family moved to New York City at age 10. Growing up, art was not nurtured or encouraged.  Even though she attended High School of Fashion Industries and Fashion Institute of Technology, the idea of becoming an designer or artist was an illusive dream.  For more than 7 years after college, Suzii worked on the technical side of the fashion industry creating tools to help the apparel industry produce garments to better fit real human body shapes and sizes. Suzii was well into adulthood, as a Mom of 2 young toddlers when she picked up a pen during NYFW in September 2015 after the morning drop off.  She was rusty and sketches were rough but the sensation came rushing back. The rest as they say is history!


Let’s Connect! Whether you are a business or an individual, Suzii would love to hear from you and learn about you story. She believes in the power of collaboration where positivity can expand into our world.