Suzii Chan is a Mom of two, illustrating her life of fashion fantasy and everyday reality!

Influenced by high fashion photography and global street style scenes, Suzii's illustrations bring a bohemian vibe to the flawless beauties and the stylish individuals.  Her approach often incorporates hand drawn line works layered smudge paints and mixed mediums to create unique color and texture. Suzii describes her style to be spontaneously calculated leading by feel and intuition. 

Family life is also a constant inspiration for Suzii, both her own and those modern-life enthusiasts alike. Documenting experience in travel, food, and personal moments.  She invites the viewers on a journey into this abundantly fun-filled,  wild ride of life with kid-centered world!

Through her illustrations, Suzii aims to spark smiles & laughter of in small doses. She invites you to celebrate your inner creative individuals while connecting with those who sees your sparkle!